Thursday, 31 May 2012

Carbondale, IL

The Ohio River flows south-west to join the Mississippi. I am cycling across the wedge of land that separates the two rivers and forms the southern tip of Illinois. The 120 km to Carbondale today had plenty of stiff climbs and swooping downhills. The roads were generally smooth and all were free of rumble strips until Giant City Road in the outskirts of Carbondale. Traffic was light. The weather was good in the morning – not too hot, no wind – and showery in the afternoon. I roller-coastered through two dog chases to second breakfast at Eddyville and on to lunch at Goreville. In the afternoon, the route went through the Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge. The only large non-human animals I saw there were deer. It was a good day.

In rural areas I try to acknowledge oncoming motorists with a friendly gesture, hoping by doing so that when they next pass me, or another cyclist, they will be more likely to see us as human beings with whom it is possible to have a connection rather than nuisances to be sped past with minimal consideration. I'm not sure whether this is effective but I do it anyway.

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