Monday, 21 May 2012

Rest day in Hindman

I'm staying at a marvellous place, the Knott County Historical Society cyclist hostel. As the first to arrive yesterday, I got my pick of the three spacious tent rooms provided. When they are taken, guests must pitch their own tents on the 43 acres. There are many cats outside the house. The owner, David, who has been running the hostel for 17 years, says only the one inside belongs to him; the others are just visiting. David welcomed me at the top of the precipitous access road with a glass of iced tea. After I had showered and changed, he took all my dirty clothes away and laundered them. I used the wifi, snacked, drank, and talked to the other cyclists.

ACA group at breakfast
This morning, I had breakfast at 7am with the ACA group, who set off for Booneville in ones and twos, as they were ready, at about 8am. Don and Dottie are staying a second night here too. I patched my tube, had lunch with them, and strolled down for a look at the town (pop. 800). Generally a lazy and satisfying day.

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