Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Marshfield, MO

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After the first forty minutes or so, I was on Route 38 all the way to Marshfield. This was a beautiful road for cycling, gently undulating and with virtually no traffic. I just sat back, enjoying the greenery all around and the blue sky above, letting the bike ride itself. Occasionally there was a steep little hill to remind me of recent days. The only one worth mentioning is the climb to the junction with Route 95, beyond Graff. I stopped for refreshments at Bendavis and Hartville, where the cafe on the right has a cyclist logbook.

Jane, Patricia, Ramona, eastbound
I also stopped for a chat with three eastbound cyclists, Jane, Patricia, and Ramona. There is a fourth member of their group, whose turn it was to drive the support vehicle. They left Astoria, OR on 1 April and hope to finish the ride in Yorktown, VA on Patricia's 70th birthday. They are raising funds to feed the hungry in the Seattle area. Blog here; fundraising here.

Today's ride was 107 km, slightly longer than necessary. At Marshfield, I first went to the Plaza Motel on the far side of the interstate highway. The elderly owner suggested I ride back across the interstate and stay at the Holiday Inn Express as there was nowhere to eat on her side of the highway and no wifi in her motel. I followed her advice.

In this fourth week of the trip, I have cycled 588 km, bringing my total since the start to 2,217 km. I am still on schedule though I have no great margin for error. I gained a couple of days in Virginia that I have since lost. The challenge as I move from the mountains towards the plains will be to avoid losing significant time to headwinds (or other adverse circumstance).


  1. Raising money to feed the hungry in Seattle is an interesting observation America.

    Keep pedalling, you are doing well.

  2. The donkey in your picture is Milley she is over 18 years old. Her and her sister Misty who is over 21 years old was the first donkey's I got. It is really neat to see her on your page. Thanks Donna