Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Rest day in Pueblo

Downtown Pueblo
This is the third day of unseasonally hot weather, with a peak of 38C against an average maximum in Pueblo of 30C in June. I went for a walk in the central area early this morning, when it was warm rather than oppressively hot, discovering the Riverwalk and the Union Avenue Historic District.

Alan and Andy leave for the Rockies
I returned to the hotel to say goodbye to the three Brits, content that I would not be on the road today. It's likely our paths will cross again in coming days as they are well ahead of their schedule and can afford to take an occasional day off. They were facing a headwind this morning. Happily, the forecast for tomorrow is that the wind will change to easterly and it will be cooler.

I had lunch in this cafe
I ventured out again for lunch and to visit a bookshop I spotted this morning. Disappointingly, it was still closed. I retreated to the air-conditioning, reflecting that soon it will be cold and not heat that I have to cope with. I carried out minor tasks: checking that the bolts on my bike have not been loosened by the shaking delivered by Colorado's roads and washing the screw-top threads of my water bottles.

There's plenty of public art in Pueblo

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