Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Colter Bay Village, WY

This was another short day, 66 km in all. I began by retracing yesterday's route as far as Moose Junction – about 20 km – then, still on the bike path, crossed the fast-flowing Snake River and continued parallel to Teton Park Road.

Buy your park pass here
I came to the National Park toll booths where motorists buy passes from a human operator. Cyclists are expected to buy theirs from a machine on the bike path. For $12 I acquired a pass that is valid until dusk on 9 July. I understand that it will get me in to Yellowstone National Park as well as Grand Teton.

Now I was even closer to the Teton Range. One incredible view succeeded another.

Teton Glacier
At the south end of Jenny Lake, the bike path ended. I bought an exceptionally high quality sandwich at the store there and had it with a chocolate milk as my second breakfast.

Teton Park Road, which I was now on, had a surface of superb quality with a good shoulder. Traffic was light. I paused at Jackson Lake Dam to snap the mountains across the water. Then I rejoined the main TransAm route, which by this time had a fair amount of traffic and a narrow, potholed shoulder.

Win from Portland, OR
I became aware that someone was photographing me then driving ahead and photographing me again. The third time this happened, I stopped and talked to him. He was Win from Portland, OR and he likes photographing cyclists. We had a long conversation at the side of the road and discussed my route through Oregon.

It was only about ten km to Colter Bay Village. Here I did what I had been thinking about for some days – put up my tent. It wasn't strictly necessary as indoor accommodation is available, but having lugged my tent across the country I thought I should use it at least once, or rather twice because I plan on camping again tomorrow.

Bear-proof storage locker
My food, water, and toiletries have to be kept in a bear-proof box provided nearby except when in use. I'm not allowed to leave them on the bike or in the tent.

Tomorrow I expect to be camping in Yellowstone National Park where, as a matter of park policy, internet service is not available. My post for tomorrow will therefore be published in two days' time, after I leave the park.

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  1. Well done! Good to see the Akto getting an airing :-)