Thursday, 24 May 2012

Harrodsburg, KY

Signage is usually clear
The Appalachians may be behind me but there was still plenty of climbing today. It was a beautiful ride of 77 km, a few more than it should have been, thanks to faulty navigation in Bryantsville. The road was smooth, the traffic light, the sky blue and the foliage green. Perfect cycling! There were only two dog chases and the second was half-hearted.

This single-lane road was a delight to ride
I'm staying in a rundown motel in the centre of Harrodsburg (pop. 8,000). The ACA group are elsewhere in town. I've already run into a couple of them, Franklin and Nick.

I want to use some time this afternoon or evening to plan my stops for the next few days. The weather forecast is for a scorching weekend with temperatures of 34C. Ideally I would like to ride shorter distances, finish by midday, and hole up in an air-conditioned motel room for the rest of the day. That may not be possible. Monday 28th is the Memorial Day holiday and many Americans will make a long weekend of it, driving to scenic spots and booking all the accommodation.
Decorated barns are a feature of this area

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  1. Hi there,
    My husband and I host cyclists, and I wanted to offer a place for you to stay as an alternative to Falls of Rough in KY.

    We are a little off the trail, but can assist with either pickup/drop off on the trail, or we can give you an alternative route to get to us and then right back on the TransAm the next day.

    We just need a phone call. Our number is 270 879 0267 and you can check out our blog with photos of many cyclists at double u double u double u dot feltusfarmliving dot blogspot dot com.

    Safe travels!