Saturday, 14 July 2012

Lowell, ID

Lochsa Lodge, Powell
Jimmy, Ron and Kathy planned to leave at 5:15am, equivalent to 6:15am in the state they would be entering. I had 104 km ahead of me with no services on the way so I decided to wait for 7am breakfast at Lochsa Lodge. Three friendly motorcyclists, two Steves and a Jim, on a long weekend trip out of Boise, ID, invited me to join their table and generously picked up my tab at the end.
The store at Lochsa Lodge
Light rain fell steadily yesterday evening and into the night. The day dawned dry but I had to pack my tent wet. I left Lochsa Lodge delighted with its excellence and value and with the people I had met there (including ultramarathoner Amy, not previously mentioned).

The day's ride took me nearly six hours. The scenery around me was unchanging throughout.

To the left of the road was the Lochsa River, road and river winding together through a narrow valley with steep, thickly wooded hills on both sides. The lightly trafficked road descended very gradually for most of the way, levelling out towards the end. A breeze got up about two thirds of the way through. It blew along the canyon into my face with enough strength to counteract the benefit of the remaining downhill.

David, Trudy, Frank
Just before the wind started I met David, cycling from Astoria, OR to Missoula, MT. We had been talking for several minutes when two more eastbound cyclists appeared, Frank and Trudy, riding from Portland, OR to Missoula. The four of us stood at the side of the road talking for quite a while before going our separate ways. 


  1. Well done again, and all the best from a not so nice a day in Canberra.

    May your journey continue to be safe.

  2. Can I ask where you overnighted between the Lochsa Lodge and Kamiah? We are working on our route for this summer (2013), staying in hotels, motels, and b&b's. We average 65 miles/day but could do 100 or so if we have to. Thanks!

    1. I stayed at Ryan's Wilderness Inn in Lowell. It's listed on the ACA map I was using (Lewis & Clark Trail, Section 6).