Thursday, 12 July 2012

Rest day in Missoula

The Adventure Cycling bicycle collection includes this Crescent model 45 from about 1900. It's designed as a tandem for a couple with the lady's seat in front and the gentleman's behind. A metal rod connects his steerer tube to the front fork so that he and not she controls where the bike goes.

Joel S. Allen, 'Hooked on svelte'
Across the road from the ACA building is the Missoula Art Museum, where the Montana Triennial exhibition is currently showing.

The Clark Fork of the Columbia River runs through the heart of Missoula. The water is clear and the flow is fast. A stretch of white water, shown at the end of yesterday's post, is next to Caras Park. There is nothing more relaxing for a cyclist on a rest day than to watch from the bank as kayakers battle the force of the stream.

A few metres downriver may be found the Carousel for Missoula, hand-carved and paid for by volunteers from the community.

Over the river bridge are Iza, an excellent Asian restaurant, and Shakespeare and Co, a first-class independent bookseller. Nearby I saw these kids enthusiastically washing cars to raise funds for a children's shelter

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